How do I add competitors to a project?

When you check your rankings with Voxel, it automatically finds the top 10 competitors for the keywords you chose. For example, if you search for fashion-related keywords, H&M will likely be listed as a competitor. On the other hand, if you search for furniture-related keywords, IKEA will likely be listed as a competitor since these websites perform well in Sweden.

If you want to add more competitors, you can do it manually. Just go to your project, click on the “sites” sub-tab, and then click the “plus button” to add up to 20 competing domains. With the 10 competitors automatically added and the 20 you manually add, Voxel lets you study 30 domains, giving you valuable insights into the competitive landscape.

Adding competitors to Your Voxel Project

  1. Navigate to
    Screenshot of: Navigate to
  2. Click “Your project”
    Screenshot of: Click
  3. Click “Sites”
    Screenshot of: Click
  4. Click on the plus button.
    Screenshot of: Click on the plus button.
  5. Type “competitor domain”
  6. Click “ADD”
    Screenshot of: Click