What is Voxel?

Voxel is a comprehensive keyword research and content planning platform specifically designed for SEO professionals. With Voxel, SEO experts can conduct keyword research using various methods, such as long tail searches, related searches, exact searches, URL searches, site searches, and combo searches, allowing them to analyze keywords at scale. One of the key features that sets Voxel apart from other SEO tools is its ability to challenge the traditional workflow. SEO professionals who value the art of SEO craftsmanship will appreciate how Voxel empowers and enables their work.

Accurate Search Volumes with Google’s API

When using Voxel, all the data entered into the platform is processed through Google’s API to retrieve accurate search volumes. Voxel automatically adds the collected keywords to the manage view, regardless of whether you research 500 or 500,000 keywords. The manage view in Voxel provides a user-friendly interface for effectively organizing and managing keywords. Users can easily search, filter, and tag keywords, making it simple to decide which keywords to archive and which ones to keep for further analysis.

Tracking Performance and Competitive Analysis

Once satisfied with the dataset of keywords, users can track their performance on Google across all the keywords by fetching rankings. Voxel goes a step further by automatically calculating the top 10 biggest competitors based on their performance within your dataset. This competitive analysis feature helps SEO professionals gain insights into their market position and identify areas for improvement.

Organizing and Structuring Keywords

To gain deeper insights into keyword topics and understand which keywords belong to specific themes, Voxel offers multiple ways to organize, structure, and cluster keywords. One option is to manually create a data model of groups and tags within Voxel and use its string-based autotagging feature to tag keywords based on different match types. This multidimensional tagging allows for powerful keyword analysis and flexibility in categorizing keywords.

Advanced Auto-Tagging Feature

Alternatively, Voxel introduces an advanced feature called auto-tagging, which leverages data from search engine results pages (SERPs) to cluster keywords based on common themes, patterns, and similarities. This streamlined approach to tagging allows for efficient organization and analysis of keyword data, providing users with quick insights into the context and relevance of keywords.

Historical Data for Informed Decisions

Voxel doesn’t just provide real-time search volume data; it also gathers historical search volumes spanning up to three years. This historical data empowers SEO professionals to make accurate predictions based on past trends and aids in seasonal content planning. Voxel’s seasonal content planning feature enables users to filter keywords based on their demand peaks by quarter and month, helping them align their content strategy with market trends.

Valuable Insights with Accessible Analysis

All the data gathered in Voxel is presented in the highly accessible analysis tab, where users can derive valuable insights. The market demand section provides information on the number of keywords, search volumes, traffic potential, and volume distribution within the dataset. This section is complemented by powerful historical data, allowing users to understand market trends and behavior.

Search Behavior Analysis

The search behavior section in Voxel enables users to analyze their data based on the organization of keywords into groups and tags, providing valuable insights within specific areas of interest. The site performance feature assesses website performance by examining top-ranking keywords and aggregating performance metrics across the dataset. By leveraging Voxel’s site potential analysis, users can gauge the potential traffic and revenue gains achievable through SEO investment.

Competitor Analysis for Strategic Planning

Voxel also includes a competitive analysis module, which allows users to benchmark their website against competitors, gaining insights into their respective roles within the search landscape. This information aids in strategizing and identifying areas for improvement.

Generate SEO-Optimized Content Plans

Once users have gathered valuable insights from the analysis, Voxel facilitates the generation of a crawl or tag-based content plan. This plan maps keywords to relevant pages and provides solid recommendations on optimizing existing pages or creating new ones to support SEO growth. Voxel automates the keyword mapping process, saving users valuable time. It even generates SEO-optimized content drafts based on associated keywords, allowing users to focus on quality assurance and customization before publishing.

Efficient Rank Tracking for Large-Scale Projects

Voxel’s rank tracker is built to handle large-scale projects, enabling users to track the performance of tens of thousands of keywords in a cost-efficient manner. With this feature, users gain valuable insights over time, including ranking positions, distribution, estimated traffic, weighted average ranking, and more. The rank tracking functionality is organized into tabs, allowing users to easily switch between analyzing their own site’s performance, competitor performance, or performance of specific tags and clusters.

Seamless Multilingual Projects

For SEO professionals working on multilingual projects, Voxel offers seamless translation capabilities while retaining the clusters created. This allows for effective research scalability across languages and markets, enabling powerful Voxel analysis in minimal time. Voxel’s workflow for multilingual SEO provides visibility into the source keywords alongside their translated counterparts and demand, facilitating data-driven decision-making at keyword level.

Collaborative Features for Efficient Teamwork

Furthermore, Voxel supports collaboration by allowing users to add other teams or clients to their projects. This feature promotes efficient teamwork within organizations and empowers clients to make informed business decisions using Voxel. Developed by Pixel, the largest pure-play SEO agency in Sweden, Voxel is trusted by many clients, and its usage has helped scale Pixel’s consultancy side of the business. By saving consultants approximately 20 hours per month, Voxel allows them to dedicate more billable time to clients and focus on strategic work.


In summary, Voxel is a powerful keyword research and content planning platform that empowers SEO professionals with its unique features and user-friendly interface. From efficient keyword research and organization to insightful analysis, content planning, and rank tracking, Voxel streamlines the SEO workflow and saves valuable time. With its historical data, multilingual capabilities, and collaborative features, Voxel becomes an essential tool for driving SEO success and making data-driven decisions in the ever-evolving digital landscape.