How often is the search volume data updated?

In Voxel, search volume data comes from Google. Whenever Google updates its data, Voxel automatically gets the latest information. You also have the option to update search volumes for your old projects. To do this, go to the “manage” section, select the keywords you want to update, and click on the “more options” or three dots button. Then, choose “update volume” to keep your data current and relevant.

Updating Voxel project volume

  1. Navigate to
    Screenshot of: Navigate to
  2. Click “Your project”
    Screenshot of: Click "Your project"
  3. Click this icon
    Screenshot of: Click this icon.
  4. Click this button
    Screenshot of: Click this button.
  5. Click “Update volume”
    Screenshot of: Click "Update volume"
  6. Click “The entire project (and its month range)”
    Screenshot of: Click "The entire project (and its month range)"
  7. Click “UPDATE”
    Screenshot of: Click "UPDATE"