Meet Daniel – one of the founders of Voxel

Why was Voxel created?

We at Pixel Nordic AB (a Swedish SEO agency) created Voxel to automate and standardize our internal keyword research. After seeing the interest from our clients and how our tool made their SEO work easier, we decided to offer it as a SaaS-product.

Who is Voxel for?

Voxel is tailor-made for SEO professionals and organizations seeking a data-driven approach centered around keywords. It is particularly useful for agencies that handle large amounts of keywords, but there is also great value for in-house SEO and anyone that wants to work more data-driven. By using Voxel, you can introduce a data-driven approach where you develop search terms and insights. Decision-makers can easily make decisions based on the analysis and production can be carried out by web editors, copywriters, or content partners with the help of an automated content plan.

What sets Voxel apart from other tools?

One significant difference between Voxel and other tools is its ability to scale up keyword research. Analyses are often limited to 500-1000 keywords, representing only a small fraction of a segment’s total and relevant search market. Voxel, on the other hand, can handle and analyze hundreds of thousands keywords and help you cluster and organize the keywords, as well as offer ready-made analyses with insights that are easy to act upon. Voxel is also a multilingual tool, which means it is highly effective for working across multiple markets and languages. Once you have a clear idea of your desired outcome, our chatGPT integration can automatically assist you in planning your content, providing ideas and drafts to swiftly commence execution. You can also track results over time, where Voxel’s purpose is to track many keywords less frequently (weekly and monthly tracking) instead of a smaller number of words daily.


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