Key takeaways from brightonSEO

The brightonSEO conference has come to an end, but there’s no need to shed any tears. We’ve extended the enjoyment for all of you by summarizing some of our key takeaways from the conference:

More and more people are recognizing the value of automating their keyword research and content creation. This shift isn’t solely due to the rise of AI but also the increasing need to deliver more value in your outputs.

How to make your content stand out in an automated world

The overall stress of scaling content creation using automated processes was evident during the conference. There were many discussions revolving around how to best manage this and maintain quality and uniqueness without sacrificing speed.

The Google Updates talk featuring John Mueller

The message was straightforward: Google is constantly evolving. Embrace these changes and keep improving, both your site and your own knowledge. Stay ahead and create great things.

Avoid putting yourself in a position using a complicated CMS

Using an unfamiliar and complex CMS will generally make it resource-intensive to keep up with updates and be agile in response to changes in the search landscape. Changes can and will occur rapidly, so to enable an iterative process (and maintain your sanity), your site improvement processes, even if they involve just adjusting your structured data, should be facilitating.

BrightLocal are geniuses, not only are they very friendly, but they also – as usual – had the absolute best booth. Kudos.

Scaling keyword research and making sense of the data

BrightonSEO 2024 presentation

Scaling keyword research and making sense of the data Voxels CEO Daniel Axelsson had the opportunity to speak about keyword research and keyword analysis at scale at BrightonSEO. In this blog post we’ll cover his talk. Read about the talk


Speaking at brightonSEO again

Our CEO, Daniel Axelsson, will be speaking at BrightonSEO! Join us for his session “Building an automated content strategy: practical tips and best practices”. … Read More