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What does exact search mean?

The Exact search option gives you exactly what you entered as input, along with search volumes and trends for those keywords. Whether you enter a single keyword or a list of 5,000 words, Voxel will provide all the words with … Read More

What does related search mean?

The Related search option gives you keywords and topics related to your input keywords. It doesn’t necessarily match the input keywords, but it offers relevant suggestions. For example, if you search for “car,” you might get results like “vehicle,” “chassis … Read More

What does long tail search mean?

The long-tail search option is the default choice, which helps you find more specific and detailed queries related to your input keywords. It ensures that your original keywords are almost always included in the results. For instance, if you search … Read More

How often is the search volume data updated?

In Voxel, search volume data comes from Google. Whenever Google updates its data, Voxel automatically gets the latest information. You also have the option to update search volumes for your old projects. To do this, go to the “manage” section, … Read More

How do I change default location and language?

Here’s a simple step-by-step guide to accessing and modifying your settings in Voxel: Sign in to Voxel and go to the start page at Click on your avatar or icon located in the top right corner of the page. … Read More

How do I add synonyms to a tag?

You can create a hierarchy of different words or synonyms within a single tag in Voxel, which allows for efficient data organization. For example, if your tags are in plural form (e.g., jackets, dresses), but you also want to cover … Read More

How do I remove a tag group?

To delete a tag group in Voxel’s manage view, follow these simple steps: Go to the tag interface in the manage view. Select the tag group you want to delete. Click on the three dots in the top right corner … Read More

How do I add aditional columns in the manage view?

In Voxel’s manage view, you have great flexibility to customize the displayed columns according to your needs. Look for the “Columns” button at the top right of the keyword table. Clicking on it allows you to choose which columns to … Read More

How do I add negative search terms to a project?

During keyword research in Voxel, we often come across irrelevant keywords, including those related to competitors or similar entities. To address this, we can use negative terms. By adding negative terms, Voxel automatically filters out unwanted keywords, saving us time. … Read More

How do I archive and unachive keyword?

In Voxel, refining your dataset is crucial to keep only the relevant keywords. To do this, go to the manage view where all your collected data is available. There, you can tag and organize your data efficiently and archive any … Read More