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Voxel attends brightonSEO

Voxel was one of the sponsors of BrightonSEO this year. Our CEO and Co-founder Daniel Axelsson spoke on the main stage, here you can find his talk on Scaling keyword research and making sense of the data.

The Voxel Process

From start to finish in one tool

Collect keywords

Collect Keywords

Find and collect search volume on thousands or millions of keywords at once.

Manage keywords

Manage Keywords

Categorize keywords in groups for structure and clean out irrelevant keywords at scale.

Analyze keywords

Analyze Data

Check search trends, market potential and competitor analysis in 25+ automated charts and graphs.

Content Plan

Content Plan

Plan and map out a content strategy for your content creators to take action on.


Monitor Progress

Efficiently monitor numerous keywords and gain insights, along with competitor analysis, through organized tabs.

Collect keywords

Keyword collection

Collect keywords and use data to identify search behavior insights. With six different search options to perform keyword research you can uncover search volume data on millions of keywords, all with just a few clicks.

Organizing and structuring keywords

Advanced tag system

Voxel offers diverse ways to organize and cluster keywords for deeper insights. Users can manually create groups and tags, or use the advances auto-tagging feature, utilizing SERP data for efficient thematic clustering, enhancing keyword analysis and relevance insights.

Globalize your keyword research

Seamless multilingual projects

Voxel offers effortless translation for multilingual SEO projects. This boosts research scalability across languages, streamlining your Voxel analysis. The multilingual workflow displays source keywords and their translated versions, along with demand, enhancing data driven keyword-level decision making.

Automatically generate content plans

Streamlining content planning

Voxel streamlines content planning by mapping keywords to relevant pages, suggesting optimization or new content for SEO growth; it automates keywords mapping and generates SEO-ready content drafts for user customization before publishing.

Content planing

Ranking & Competitors

Easily monitor rankings for all relevant keywords at once and generate automated competitor analysis, updated on the latest trends.

Share insights

Insightful Charts

Analyze data based on your unique KPI's and SEO targets. Automatically generate custom charts, graphs and analyses and export to a Google Slides presentation in just one click.

Market potential

Ready to take your SEO to the next level?